T e s t i m o n i a l s

Below are a few letters we have received from members who have made love connections through Animal Lovers Personals.

From C J
How I found my Cyber Mate

I spend a lot of time on my computer. Doing medical research, building websites, designing business cards, brochures and advertisements. I got this crazy idea one night when I couldn't sleep, to go to some 'singles' sites and do some marketing. I found Animal People just surfing and clicking links on other sites. I found it to be very different .. somewhat 'comfortable'. I pulled out my credit card and joined right then just so I could read all of the ads 'Men Seeking Women'. My curiosity got the best of me! I used the search feature and typed in '50' to find any guys who were in their 50's. As the search stopped on those ads, I shot off a message to them, very brief, " Hi, just stopping by to say hello, I saw your ad at Animal Lovers.

It was surprising how many guys went to my site and then dropped me a note. They were all very nice. But, one shined through. We had an immediate mental connection. We exchanged pictures and a lot of e-mail for a couple of months. He finally asked if he could fly to AZ to meet me in person, and I felt comfortable with that. He stayed here for 2 weeks. Then 1 month later I flew to Georgia and stayed for a month. And the beat goes on.

Richard is a veterinarian, and was looking for a woman who likes animals and wants to live out of town. Who cares about him and wants a forever relationship. I've NEVER liked living in town, love my dogs, horses and goats. So, the Animal Lovers Site was a perfect place for us to make a connection.

We're getting married in Dec. 2000. I am planning to move to Georgia and all the dogs will be coming with. ( CJ'S wrecking crew ). I'd never been to Georgia, it is so very pretty and quaint and 'Southern'. I feel like I'm going home to Tara. LOL

From Paul
"I actually have met one really nice lady who has become a very good friend. She's on the west coast and I'm here on the east. We've been e-mailing for over 2 years and have a close friendship (only). But I would've never met her if it wasn't for this web site.  I also at times have gotten inquiries to the ad I have on the site. It's a great site for people who love animals because we already have a major interest."

From Kristin & Michael
"Just wanted to update you on Michael & I's relationship, I saw Michael's description on your web site on  May 27th. He wrote me back the very next day. We have been writing and talking ever since. On Thanksgiving, I moved from Ohio, here to Massachusetts to be with him, after only two visits. He came to Ohio once, and me here to Mass. once. We knew it was true love at once. Well, this past Thursday we celebrated our 1 year anniversary since we met. This weekend we went to New Hampshire to the Hannah Davis Bed & Breakfast when he proposed ,marriage to me. We will be wed July 3rd, 1999. Thank you so much for your site. without you, I might not have found my one true love.
Thank you so much,"

Kristen & Michael

From Regina and John
"I answered John's ad at the same time literally he was answering mine - That was January 6.  We emailed back and forth, then started calling (he lives in WA and I in CA), and then he drove down to meet me this past weekend and we hit it right off. He just left this morning and I really think he's the one I've been looking for all these years but couldn't find around here.  And he likes my dog too!  It's just so hard to meet people.  I don't meet anyone at work because I own my own business, all the men I know seem to be either married or gay or psychotic or just plain unsuitable (I'm extremely particular) and anyone I'd like would be too shy to introduce himself to a stranger on the off chance she'd be looking for someone like himself.  Now it's my turn to go to WA to visit him for the weekend. And I really like your format of letting people write whatever and however much they want for their ad.  I'm not interested in categorizing men by height or weight or color, or being categorized myself that way, like everyone else seems to do and it was very important to see how someone describes himself when left totally free to do so.  Otherwise how do you know what they're really like? Once again, thanks"

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